River RoseDeciding to apply to teach at BABE sent me on a journey into the archives of my studio and my past.  It has served to reacquaint me with pieces that were truly inspired and volumes of written and illustrated work that have just been waiting to be rediscovered and brought to back to life!

I began my journey with beading in Fall of 1992 ~ 23 years ago ~ while I was still known as Susan Hillyer.  The Place to Bead in San Ramon is the first bead store I ever experienced.  Beading became a passion and by 1995 I was teaching others my own designs.

In 1997, Bead & Button Magazine published my reversible amulet purse in their issue #20, calling it “The Two Faces of Peyote”.  In 1999, “My Little Coin Purse” was published in Beadwork MagazineBead & Button also published “Memories of My Mother’s Sachet” in 2000 Issue #36, and  “Wildflower Purse” in issue #45.

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